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micropore series

micropore series
model smart 3000s
thtoughput up to 280 tests/ hour
modes of operation random, batch and stat
sample loading up to 70 sample tubes
continuous loading, stat available
barcode reader recognition or analyzer auto numbered
auto read sample info
reagent loading 32 reagents on board(20 test items can be simultaneous)
continuous loading
barcode reader recognition
reaction cuvette ≤320 (8*40)
continuous loading
sample probe carryover <1.0 parts per million
linear correlation ≥0.999
accuracy cv≤3%
other features liquid level detection, plugged needle alarm, air suction alarm
real-time monitoring and alarm of reagent
intelligent monitoring, supplements and alarm of cleaning fluid
intelligent monitoring, emissions and alarm of effluent
solid-liquid separation of waste, overload indication, alarm
real-time self diagnosis, self repair, self protect
maintenance function
optinal ratio for sample dilution
unique incubation and washing mode
mixing function
software system  graphic user inerface, touch screen
supporting lis bidirectional data transmission