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blood sector continues to experience solid growth

the global blood industry has experienced strong growth in recent years and growth will remain solid though 2018, according to the new report, "blood: the worldwide market for blood products, blood testing, blood equipment, and synthetic blood products," from healthcare market researcher kalorama information (new york city, ny, usa).

the market for human blood and blood components continues to expand as a result of growing and aging populations in the us, europe, and japan; technology advancements and new products; promotion of blood donation; and in the us via expansion of health coverage. the us is the single largest global market for blood products such as plasma. "the expanded health coverage the affordable care act brings in the us will help to drive the global market," the report stated.

while some countries, such as india and the philippines, set prices for blood and blood components, in many developed countries (including the us) there is no uniform, fixed price for blood—cost varies from country to country and region to region, with fluctuations often occurring and even nearby centers often charging different prices.

in addition to blood collection, the market includes: blood typing and testing for diseases, blood storage and processing, blood transfusions, blood management and safety issues, synthetic blood products, the blood products market, the blood testing and typing products market, the plasma and blood collection equipment market, and the synthetic blood products market. the kalorama report provides an analysis of the key market segments involved, including products, equipment, and testing. in addition to complete market data, including forecasts to 2018, the study reports product demand estimates by region, collection and transfusion estimates, high-blood-loss procedure estimates, product pricing, reimbursement rates, and products on market and in development.

effective management of blood supplies is critical, and the industry continues to be challenged with growth in demand that exceeds increases in supply. the us may be the largest consumer, but demand is high and continues to grow also in other countries, including china, japan, and germany.

the report provides discussions of key trends, as well as regulatory, business, and clinical challenges facing the various sectors. it also profiles many key companies in the industry. estimates are provided for the historic 2008 to 2013 period, and forecasts through 2018. historical information was gathered from a wide variety of published sources. interviews were conducted to capture perspectives from industry participants' point of view and assess trends, and form the basis of the forecasting and competitive analysis.