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about us


chongqing keysmile biotechnology co., ltd. is a collection of optical, mechanical, electrical, computer technology and bioengineering enterprises, since its foundation, it based on their own development of the core technology and independent intellectual property rights, take customers demand as guidance, aims to create more benefits for customers.

technology department as a core part of company, all the center staffs are high quality with knowledge and creativity. technology department also provide advanced equipment which can be used to develop, manufacture and test products. there are more than 30 members in total average at about 30 years old, all the education background is bachelor degree or above. moreover, the director of the department has nearly 30 years of experience in developing product. all in all, this is a very professional team which has completely independent development ability.

technology department is entirely responsible for the whole process of products development from initial planning to products manufacturing. in addition, it will also provide technical support for production, market, etc.

in order to guarantee the sustainable development of keysmile, technology department need to predict the direction of the industry technology development, at the same time, technology department will collect the information about similar products of other countries or companies in order to access the latest technology. the technology department is also responsible for guiding the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. it’s not only about product maintenance, but also including routine quality control testing and stuff training.