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about keysmile

chongqing keysmile biotechnology co., ltd. is a collection of optical, mechanical, electrical, computer technology and bioengineering enterprises, mainly engaged in r&d, production, sales and service of automated chemiluminescence analyzer.

since its establishment completely independent research and development is the cornerstone of development. r&d department as a core part of company, all the staffs are high quality with knowledge and creativity. technology center also provide advanced equipment which can be used to develop, manufacture and test products. products from artificial circuit, digital circuit, software write to appearance modeling, internal structure and biological tests are all done independently.

as relevant state departments certification of “high-tech enterprises”, keysmile has obtained “automated chemiluminescence analyzer” medical device registration certificate and “keysmile smart automated chemiluminescence analyzer software (v1.0)” software 凯发登录入口 copyright, and adopted the iso13485 and iso9001 quality management system certification.

automated chemiluminescence analyzer is the testing instrument, which can detect infectious diseases, cancer, reproductive endocrine, thyroid function, liver fibrosis, prenatal and postnatal care, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and urogenital diseases. keysmile adhere to high international standards to do independent research and development, break down the long-term monopoly by foreign medical equipment and the technology blockade situation, creat the conditions of replacing the imported products and the popularity of such products.

currently keysmile has launched 3 series of automated chemiluminescence analyzer with completely independent intellectual property rights, which are smart micro series, smart small series and smart magnetic nanoparticles series. as the first equipment manufacturer around china with an open chemiluminescence detection platform, smart series have open nature, breaking the long-closed chemiluminescence test pattern, providing a strong guarantee for fair and transparent development of madical equipment.

as a professional domestic ivd equipment manufacturer, keysmile will continue to provide high quality and reliable test tool for the growing number of domestic medical inspection agency, remain committed to promoting the development of domestic innovation in ivd business, make the greatest contribution to the national cause.