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1) for a young team it needs training to improve the ability.

according to the average age of employees, our stuffs are relatively young. it is no doubt that there is a huge space of development whether for custodian or general staff in order to support the transformation of technology research and development to the market sales.

2) our company is aiming to take product appeal, market demands and training as triggers. products in conjunction with various emerging technologies have existing period, especially for similar products during a same period time. it is important to integrative into market quickly. after one period, if you want to get a place in the next market, you must rely on the technical innovation and novelty in order to occupy the market.

3) the high quality products, is one of the best marketing, need to train as a foundation.

with the growing business and constantly improved market awareness of keysmile, products also need to optimize, update and innovate. it requires that employees need to be familiar with the performance of the newest products in order to promote the products to the market.